FlickerSarahSarah Flicker

Assistant Professor

BA Hons (Medical Anthropology) Brown, MPH (Maternal & Child Health and Epidemiology) Berkeley, PhD (Social Science and Health) Toronto

Email: flicker@yorku.ca

Areas of Academic Interest

  • Adolescent Health;
  • Community based participatory research;
  • Community Development.

My background is in the area of community development, public health, HIV and adolescent development. I am engaged in an exciting and innovative program of research that focuses on teen HIV prevention and support. More broadly, I am very interested in community-based participatory methodologies and am active on a variety of research teams that focus on adolescent sexual health with youth in Canada and (most recently) South Africa. I work across methodologies (qualitative, quantitative and arts-based) and seek to partner with youth, students and allied practitioners on action research agendas.